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Are you thinking of designing a custom wine cellar for your home?

Below are some key elements that you need to consider. With our expertise, we will make sure that you make the right decisions. The design of your wine cellar is important. Planning is key. Always make sure to hire an experienced wine cellar design consultant.

What is the purpose of your custom wine cellar?

Is the purpose of your custom wine cellar for storage or to showcase your collection? How many bottles will you be storing? Knowing your exact needs is the first step to building your wine cellar.

How much room do you need for your wine cellar?

The size of your wine cellar will largely be influenced by the amount of wine that you want to store / showcase. This will vary from cellar to cellar. As a wine cellar designer / builder we will help determine how much space is required.

Where will your wine cellar go?

While you can build your custom wine cellar to any size in almost any area of your home. These factors will influence the price to build and maintain your wine cellar. Let us help choose the right size and location for your custom wine cellar.

What cooling system should be used for your wine cellar?

An ideal location for your wine cellar is still in the basement, below grade. The basement allows for favourable factors, such as less natural light impacting your wine collection, and both temperature and humidity levels not experiencing much variations. A mechanical room which is generally situated in the basement also allows flexibility as to the type of cooling unit required. However, a wine cellar with no external walls may be located almost anywhere.

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These represent a small selection of questions that we will work to answer with you. Let us combine your vision with our refined knowledge and over 20 years of design experience to create a wine cellar masterpiece that reflects your unique personality.

Custom Wine Cellar Gallery

Listed below are three modern wire cellar projects. Click each photo for more informaiton or view our work.

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