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design / build

Imagination Wine Cellars is able to provide onsite consultation, design and construction services in addition to providing cooling units and wine racking systems.  Our process involves the following steps in order to ensure your wine cellar comes to life.

Initial consultation

  • Optimal space allocation and room size
  • Bottle capacity and collection habits
  • Racking, material and lighting options
  • Best cooling unit option
  • Timeline

Design process

  • Develop 2D and conceptual drawings based on initial consultation
  • Design presentation and feedback
  • Coloured rendering (optional)

Quotation process

  • Present estimate based on approved design, chosen materials and racking system

Project commencement

  • Project sign off
  • Coordinating materials and manpower efficiently to avoid delays


  • Thorough cleaning of wine cellar
  • Walkthrough to ensure wine cellar is built to the highest possible levels and to assure cooling unit is working efficiently
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cooling systems

At Imagination Wine Cellars, we offer a variety of cooling systems designed to meet the specific requirements of your wine cellar. Available options for your wine cellar include, but are not limited to: self-contained non-ducted through the wall, self-contained ducted, non-ducted split, ducted split, and water cooled systems.

Self-Contained Non-Ducted Through the Wall

The self-contained non-ducted through the wall unit is a unit with both evaporator and condensing unit housed in the same compartment. This unit is mounted through the wall of the wine cellar (this type of unit tends to be noisy due to the evaporator and condenser housed inside the wine cellar).

Self-Contained Ducted System

The self-contained ducted system is a unit with both evaporator and condenser unit housed in the same compartment and located outside the wine cellar while using duct work from the unit to the wine cellar. This unit reduces the noise associated with the unit in the wine cellar.

Non-Ducted Split System

The non-ducted split system separates the evaporator and condenser into two separate compartments. This allows the condenser (noisier component) to be located outside the wine cellar while keeping the evaporator (quieter component) inside the wine cellar.

Ducted Split System

The ducted split system separates the evaporator and condenser into two separate compartments while being ducted into the wine cellar (from the evaporator). This system significantly reduces the noise level due to its components allocation outside the wine cellar.

Water Cooled System

A water cooled cooling system uses water instead of air to cool down the condenser component. This unit does not exhaust heat into the air, rather heat generated in the cooling process is converted to water and drained.

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If the wine cellar is the attraction, then the cooling unit is the life line of any wine cellar and should be respected as such. Service and preventative maintenance are key. Without a properly working cooling unit, the wine cellar will cease to exist.

Therefore, it is vitally important to stay on top of the cooling units’ service and preventative maintenance in order to ensure the ongoing upkeep.

We recommend that you protect your cooling unit, just as you would protect your precious wine collection, by opting to enroll in Imagination Wine Cellar’s service and preventative maintenance program to ensure the ongoing performance of the cooling unit for years to come.